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Welcome to my practice, where I am proud to offer my extensive experience working with individuals, groups and families. In my work, I have found that entering the therapeutic relationship is most successful when the client has the desire to engage in the process – with a willingness to participate and motivation to heal. I offer my clients a safe and respectful relationship that allows for transformation along with gaining insight into what leads to unhealthy patterns of behaviors and, of course, new and healthy tools to replace them with.

My area of specialty is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and behavior. CBT aims to teach effective coping strategies for dealing with different problems throughout life, and to learn new ways to reframe one's thinking. I combine CBT with mindfulness techniques to improve one's emotional toolbox – thus creating an important resource to draw from as you travel through life's challenging times. While I have successfully worked with adults and teens dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and risky behaviors, my current practice specializes in working with young adults, including athletes. They, too, are dealing with many of the same problems, but also with college readiness and college transition issues.

The challenge in each area of concern may be about discovering how to unlock the spinning loop that holds a person back or keeps them stuck. In my practice, I provide a variety of therapeutic techniques and learning skills that will help my clients cope effectively in day-to-day settings.

The main element to healing is developing a strong therapeutic relationship. This allows for a soft and secure foundation for our work together. As a therapist, I believe in being present and interactive in your healing process, and together we can transform your life.

Clinical years’ experience: 20 +

License #LSCW21450 California

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