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Breaking The Chains


NEDA Connections

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Encouragement of Self-Efficacy Within Our Choices of Health and Wellness


Debra Hopkins, BTCF President/ACE Certified Health Coach and Danielle Kelmar, LCSW & BTCF Clinical Board Member join #NEDAConnections to talk about Encouragement of Self-Efficacy Within Our Choices Of Health and Wellness

Worldwide Women's Girls Festival


Breaking The Chains Foundation at The Annual Girls Foundation as the First Eating Disorder Platform

November 2019

We collaborated in a panel discussion about young women leaders and lead workshops throughout the day on body movement and mind-set growth.


We also spoke throughout the day with teens, parents and school leaders on how to help build self-esteem  and improve body image in our young women. We had a very busy day with over 7,000 people coming by to talk and ask questions!

Breaking The Chains Foundation First Eating Disorder Platform to Present at 4th Annual World Wide Women's Girls Festival


lEADPLA Oct 2019 Gala event: International Association of Eating Disorders. With Founder and President Debra Hopkins and celebrity ambassador Brooke Lewis.


On April 27-28, 2018, I attended the Adolescent Mental Wellness Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, sponsored by Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford and the Stanford Department of Psychiatry’s Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing. The conference brought together a diverse audience—including policymakers, educators, clinicians, youth and families—to better understand how we can best overcome cultural barriers to access in supporting the mental health needs of children, adolescents and young adults.


On August 6-9, 2018, I was extremely pleased to attend a workshop led by David Burns, M.D., widely recognized as the founder of TEAM-CBT therapy, and likely the #1 practitioner and teacher in the field. Entitled “High-Speed Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders,” the four-day event left me with an even deeper, richer appreciation of the practice of psychotherapy.


On Saturday, April 7, 2018, I was thrilled to join colleagues from throughout the U.S. Western Region in a National Eating Disorders Association walk. It all happened at Crescent Bay Park in Santa Monica, California. I was participating as a board member and director of mental health for Breaking the Chains Foundation, an organization whose mission is to unmask the stigma surrounding eating disorders. It was very inspiring to be with others who are supporting those with eating disorders, or perhaps dealing with one themselves. 

You can find out about a NEDA walk in your region or community by checking their schedule at

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