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In addition to therapy, I provide coaching services for some of my clients. Coaching is slightly different then therapy, however I do bring in a multitude of modalities from positive psychology, behavioral therapy and relaxation/mindfulness tools to guide the process with my clients.

Who are my typical coaching clients?

Generally I see athletes. They want to unlock the barriers to reach their potential and maximize their performance.

Athletes may be experiencing game day anxiety or chronic pain due to performance anxiety, as well as difficulty controlling their tempers. Through coaching, the athlete will learn what obstacles are presenting roadblocks to achieving their full potential, and develop a toolbox of visualization and relaxation techniques to apply when the anxiety crops up. The athlete can then reframe an anxiety-provoking situation into a low stress one.

Athletes will also discover the feelings that arise from internal pressures or high expectations from a parent or coach that often lead to low performance. With guidance, the athlete will develop strategies to succeed.

Another client base who can benefit from Coaching could be a young adults who have recently graduated from college and are looking at what their next steps are for a career path. Maybe their degree did not end up fueling their passion, and together we will translate how to extend a passion into a career goal. Many young adults today are feeling like they just are unsure of what they want to do, and want guidance and a tool kit to navigate a complex world of ideas and discover the right path.

Coaching young adults is a process of being willing to examine barriers and discover what the client feels will assist in finding their path to success with less stress.

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