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Services and Treatment Approach

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), TEAM/CBT, Motivational Techniques, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness/Relaxation Techniques, Family  Systems, Distress Tolerance tools


Adolescents, Individuals, Parents & Teens, Parent Coaching, Athlete Coaching


Parent Coaching

Parenting a teen can be like riding a roller coaster, there are ups and downs.  Sometimes as a parent you could find you just want support and tools to communicate with your teen who is changing or pulling away. Perhaps the household is in chaos due to some sudden changes with this new behavior. Maybe your teen is dealing with a mental health issue in addition to living a life as a teen and that has made everything bigger by nature for them.  Parents need support and guidance too. Finding tools to communicate and interact effectively is possible and teaching these skills is so exciting. The whole family dynamic changes quickly with some simple techniques and support I have ready to share.

Athlete Coaching

Athletes who come in to see me for “coaching” may be dealing with sudden performance changes, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  I integrate a variety of tools and techniques when working with athletes, depending on what area brings them in.

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